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Where to Find the Best Ice Cream in Cleveland

Long, warm summer days are almost upon us, meaning it’s time to talk about everyone’s favorite summer treat: ice cream!

While ice cream shops in Cleveland aren’t quite as prolific as craft breweries and independent coffee shops, there are still a lot of cool spots to grab a sweet treat in the city.

Whether you’re looking for classic cones, unique flavors, or something a little crazy, you can find it in the Cleveland ice cream scene.

The best ice cream shops in Cleveland

Here are all my favorite locally-owned shops that serve up the best ice cream in Cleveland.

(Note that these are not really listed in any particular order, since I really can’t pick favorites when it comes to ice cream!)

1. Mitchell’s Ice Cream

Multiple locations

The best ice cream in Cleveland, Ohio
The Mitchell’s flagship shop in Ohio City

Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream has been an ice cream staple in Cleveland since Pete and Mike Mitchell opened their first shop in Westlake in 1999. The duo soon expanded to shops in Solon, Rocky River, Beachwood, and beyond, and opened their now-flagship store and kitchen in Ohio City in 2014. They now have 10 shops across the Greater Cleveland area.

My favorite Mitchell’s location is their Ohio City flagship store, where you can also go on behind-the-scenes tasting tours of their kitchen.

Inside Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream in Ohio City
Mitchell’s in Ohio City
Tour of Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream
A peek into the Mitchell’s kitchen on a tasting tour

Mitchell’s serves up dozens of hand-crafted flavors of ice cream, yogurt, and sorbet, all made using as many Ohio-grown ingredients as possible. They have seasonal flavors like Lavender Honey in the spring, Campfire S’mores in the summer, Pumpkin Spice in the fall, and Peppermint Stick in the winter, plus all the regular favorites.

They also offer vegan and sugar-free options, as well as sundaes, shakes, cakes, and more.

2. Mason’s Creamery

4401 Bridge Ave, Cleveland

Mason's Creamery shop in Cleveland

If it’s innovative, Instagram-ready flavors of ice cream that you’re looking for, then you need look no further than Mason’s Creamery in Ohio City.

Mason’s is a small-batch ice cream shop known for its experimental flavors and making everything from scratch. They try new things all the time, whether it’s soft serve, ice cream donut sandwiches, or interesting collaborations with other local brands and businesses.

I love Mason’s shop, with its outdoor picnic tables and colorful murals; this is a great spot to hang out on a summer evening. AND, if you’re dairy-free, Mason’s has one of the largest selections of vegan-friendly flavors.

Ice cream from Mason's Creamery
Vegan sorbets at Mason’s

Also be sure to try a scoop inside a fresh egg waffle at least once!

Egg waffle ice cream at Mason's Creamery
Cookies and cream and ube ice cream in an egg waffle – YUM.

During the winter months, Mason’s does something extra unique and actually switches from serving ice cream to ramen noodles, making it a very unique year-round spot.

In 2021, they also started offering Korean corn dogs, and have kept these on the summer menu in 2022.

3. Honey Hut

Multiple locations

Exterior of Honey Hut shop
Honey Hut in Solon

When I asked people on Twitter about their favorite Cleveland ice cream spots, one shop kept being mentioned: Honey Hut.

Honey Hut doesn’t actually have a location in downtown Cleveland, but it’s such a local favorite that I decided it deserved a spot on this list anyway. They’ve been serving ice cream in the area since 1974, and are known for using honey instead of sugar as a sweetener for their flavors.

Quarts of Honey Hut ice cream
I also love their adorable logo.

You’ll find 5 different Honey Hut locations in the Greater Cleveland area: in Brecksville (7304 Chippewa Rd.), Brunswick (922 Pearl Rd.), Old Brooklyn (4674 State Rd.), Parma (6250 State Rd.), and Solon (28300 Miles Rd.).

Honey Hut serves up 13 regular homemade flavors, along with extra seasonal ones that change monthly. Must-try flavors include their Honey Pecan (a take on a butter pecan) and Orange Blossom.

Cup of Honey Hut ice cream
Chocolate Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Caramel are also delicious

4. Remixx Ice Cream + Cereal Bar

11512 Clifton Blvd, Cleveland (Edgewater/Gold Coast)

Remixx ice cream cream
Remixx ice cream cone

Are you ready to live out all your 90s kid fantasies in ice cream form? Because that’s pretty much what you can do at Remixx Ice Cream + Cereal Bar.

Here, all the ice cream starts out as vanilla. But you create your own flavor combinations by adding in sugary cereals and other sweet treats to make every kid’s ice cream dream.

The ice cream cones here aren’t cheap, but that’s because they are HUGE, and hand-mixed based on your choices. Every order comes with a cereal blended into the ice cream, another cereal or treat added on top, and a drizzle to finish everything off.

They have suggested flavor combos on the menu, or you can make your own.

Remixx serves up their ice cream in cups, cones, and milk shakes. Just be warned that you probably won’t be able to finish an order on your own!

5. Cathy’s Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches

401 Euclid Ave., Cleveland

Level up your ice cream experience – by putting it in between a pair of delicious cookies! Cathy’s is located inside the Cleveland Arcade, and serves up regular ice cream, but is (obviously) most known for its massive ice cream sandwiches.

Honorable mention: Addicted Coffee and Ice Cream

13743 Madison Ave, Lakewood (with shops in Mentor and Stow, too)

To be fair, Lakewood’s Addicted doesn’t *just* do ice cream. They also serve up espresso drinks and cold brew, cookies and muffins, and even sandwiches. But the shop went viral last year for their Crazy Shakes – which, yes, are indeed crazy.

Just be aware that these crazy milkshake concoctions cost about $15 (but they are definitely meant to be shared).

Honorable mention 2: Ball Ball Waffle

2999 Payne Ave Suite 126, Cleveland (AsiaTown)

Ball Ball Waffle
Savory Ball Ball Waffle

Located inside Asia Plaza, Ball Ball Waffle is most well-known for its Hong Kong-style street food treats, which include bubble waffles, egg tarts, milk tea, and more.

But something the ice cream-lover might not know is that they also can serve up all of their freshly-made bubble waffles with a scoop (or two) of ice cream!

Ball Ball Waffle has a full menu of both sweet and savory waffle flavors, and offers a choice of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream. I can highly recommend a chocolate waffle filled with banana with a scoop of strawberry ice cream.

Ball Ball Waffle ice cream
Chocolate waffle with strawberry ice cream

What I especially love about this spot is that you can watch as the bubble waffles are made – including how they’re given their crispy exterior with the help of a hair dryer at the very end!

Great ice cream shops a little further away

Still looking for more great local ice cream shops in the Greater Cleveland area? You can also check out:

  • Kamm’s Corners Ice Cream Company – A Kamms Corner favorite.
  • East Coast Custard – This local frozen custard chain has locations in Fairview Park, Parma Heights, and Lyndhurst.
  • Graeter’s Ice Cream – Based in Cincinnati, Graeter’s now also has locations in Beachwood and Westlake.
  • Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream & Yogurt – This Youngstown-based ice cream chain has locations in Broadview Heights, Northfield, and Twinsburg, with a downtown Cleveland location said to be coming soon.
  • Pop Culture CLE – This Solon dessert shop serves up all sorts of tasty treats, but are most known for their ice cream on a stick. They also do great soft serve cones with fun toppings, and offer up lots of vegan flavors.
  • The Treatery – Located inside the Northside Marketplace in Akron, this fun spot serves up rolled ice cream made to order. You can get your rolled ice cream in a cup, as a float, or even in a waffle cone taco!

An ice cream note: Not all of these Cleveland ice cream shops remain open during the winter months, so please check times online if you’re visiting in the winter!

Where’s YOUR favorite spot to get ice cream in Cleveland?

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