You are currently viewing Get Your Caffeine Fix at 19+ of the Best Local Coffee Shops in Cleveland

Get Your Caffeine Fix at 19+ of the Best Local Coffee Shops in Cleveland

Whether you’re looking for an inspiring place to work, a spot to grab a quick bite, or just a place to satisfy a caffeine craving, Cleveland has you covered. Local favorites have expanded to multiple locations, while each year more independent coffee shops pop up across the Greater Cleveland area.

Keep reading to learn all about the best coffee shops to visit in Cleveland – and no, you won’t find a Starbucks on this list!

19 Great Local Coffee Shops in Cleveland

Because I have my favorites and others have theirs, I’ve asked some fellow female bloggers and caffeine addicts from Cleveland to submit some of their favorites to this list, too.

I’ve grouped this list by neighborhood, but otherwise it’s not in any particular order. (Find all these spots plotted on a map at the end of this post!)

Phoenix coffee Ohio City
My love for coffee IS real.

Find coffee shops by location:

  1. Multi-location coffee shops
  2. Downtown Cleveland coffee shops
  3. Ohio City coffee shops
  4. Tremont coffee shops
  5. Gordon Square coffee shops
  6. East Side coffee shops
  7. Lakewood coffee shops
  8. Old Brooklyn Coffee Shops
  9. Cleveland suburbs coffee shops

Multi-location Cleveland coffee shops

These are now household names when it comes to coffee in Cleveland. You’ll find their roasts and blends at other area shops, too!

1. Phoenix Coffee Co.

Multiple locations

Inside Phoenix Coffee in Ohio City
Phoenix Coffee Co. Ohio City cafe

Note: Most of Phoenix’s shops are closed to in-person dining right now, but you can still go in anytime for coffee and pastries!

We can’t talk about coffee in Cleveland without mentioning Phoenix Coffee Co. Phoenix has been roasting coffee in Cleveland for more than 25 years, and now has 5 cafe locations across the city. They roast coffee beans from all around the world in small batches, and sell their blends for fairly reasonable prices both online and in all their cafe locations.

You can find Phoenix cafes downtown (1700 E. 9th Street), in the Warehouse District (826 W. St. Clair Ave.), in Ohio City (3000 Bridge Ave.), in Coventry (1793 Coventry Rd.), and in Cleveland Heights (2287 Lee Rd.).

All their locations serve a wide variety of hot and cold drinks, as well as baked goods from other local spots. A latte is usually my go-to, but Phoenix also does French Presses, tea drinks, hot chocolate, and more. If you love an intense mocha, try a Speedball. And fans of iced coffee will like their Toddy, which they describe as being “like rocket fuel for people.”

Coffee and pastries from Phoenix Coffee Co
Coffee and pastries at Phoenix

I’ve been to most of Phoenix’s locations and really like their Ohio City and Lee Road cafes. Their Ohio City cafe has an outdoor patio that’s perfect for sunny days, and their Lee Road location is light and airy and a great place to work.

2. Rising Star Coffee Roasters

Multiple locations

Inside Rising Star Coffee
Rising Star in Hingetown

Note: Most of Rising Star’s locations are take-out-only right now.

Another of Cleveland’s homegrown coffee roasters, you’ll find Rising Star coffee on offer in cafes all across the city. They’ve been roasting coffee locally for less than a decade, but have grown extremely quickly – there are now 5 Rising Star cafe locations around Cleveland.

Rising Star has locations in Ohio City (1455 W 29th St.), Little Italy (2187 Murray Hill Rd.), Lakewood (13368 Madison Ave.), Shaker Heights (3401 Tuttle Rd.), and downtown inside The Arcade (412 Superior Ave.), along with a roastery at 3617 Walton Ave.

Patio at Rising Star Coffee in Hingetown
Rising Star’s patio in Hingetown

My favorite location is their original one, inside the old Ohio City Firehouse in Hingetown (on W 29th). The inside is covered in a colorful mural, and one wall completely opens up to an outdoor patio during the summer months.

Go for an espresso or latte here – they’re all delicious and come served with a cup of seltzer water.

Rising Star Coffee latte
Latte at Rising Star

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The best downtown Cleveland coffee shops

Here are some great coffee options downtown and in The Flats.

1. 27 Club Coffee

1215 W. 10th St, Cleveland (The Flats)

Brand new in 2020, 27 Club Coffee is a hip and trendy spot serving up coffee, food, and cocktails in The Flats. Found on the east bank of The Flats in The Archer building, this coffee shop is owned by Machine Gun Kelly and is sure to be an Instagram favorite.

The shop itself is striking, with a soaring warehouse ceiling and a bold pink and black design scheme inside (even the espresso machine is pink!). The shop’s name comes from the list of celebrities who died too young around the age of 27.

But lest you fear that this place is all style and no substance, the coffee is actually good! 27 Club Coffee serves coffee drinks, breakfast foods, lunch, and even cocktails and beer for the after-work crowd. The “Pink Latte,” which is a normal latte served in a cup rimmed with pink sugar, is sure to be a favorite.

You can sit indoors around the shop’s bar or in one of a few rounded booths, or outside on a small patio.

The best coffee in Ohio City

1. duck-rabbit coffee

4160 Lorain Ave, Cleveland (Ohio City)

Inside duck-rabbit coffee
Inside duck-rabbit’s old location (they moved in 2020)

duck-rabbit is a craft coffee roastery that aims to help people appreciate coffee in the same way they might appreciate a fine wine. The menu is small, but the flavors are big. I personally really like their cold brew!

The shop moved in 2020 from its former location next to Forest City Brewery, and now sits across the street from The Lot by Platform, and just a few doors down from Platform Beer. Co.

duck-rabbit cold brew coffee
duck-rabbit cold brew

If you’re looking for a quiet place to work and get your caffeine fix in Ohio City, duck-rabbit is worth a visit.

Coffee shops in Tremont


2180 W 11th St, Cleveland (Tremont)

Record store at LOOP
The record store part of LOOP

Moving over to Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood, LOOP is a local favorite. It’s a coffee shop AND record store in a refurbished house, complete with outdoor patio that is well-used during the summer months.

Downstairs, you can order a coffee (they roast beans in-house), tea, or tasty baked treat and browse a selection of art by local artists. Upstairs, there are a few tables and a decent record collection.

Laptop at a table in LOOP in Tremont
Working at LOOP

For those remote workers out there like me, note that LOOP can get busy (meaning tables near outlets get snatched up quickly), and that there’s always music playing – so bring headphones if you can’t work with that much background noise.

7. Civilization

2366 W 11th St, Cleveland (Tremont)

Inside Civilization in Cleveland
Inside Civilization

Note: Civilization is closed to in-person dining, but is still open for take-out.

Get your Tremont caffeine fix at Civilization, located in the historic Flandermyer Drug Building, which was built in 1881. This small but bustling spot, situated right on the edge of Lincoln Park, is full of “regulars,” including a group of elderly men who meet up every day to caffeinate and gossip.

Though the baristas seem to know everyone, don’t be intimidated by the shop’s largely local presence: They welcome newbies and out-of-towners, too, and plenty of those regulars – myself included – are more than happy to share tips about the food, beverages, and wifi situation (only the front and back two tables have outlets!)

Civilization has a great little patio for people-watching during the summer, and it’s cozy inside during the colder months, decorated for every season and holiday.

Bunny latte art at Civilization
Coffee at Civilization

Perhaps most importantly, Civilization’s prices are low and their coffee, brewed at nearby City Roast, is strong. Pro-tip: Grab a bag of the aromatic banana nut-flavored coffee ($16/pound) to replicate your Civilization experience at home.

– Submitted by Kate of Greatest Escapist. Follow her at @heyescapist.

3. affoGATO Cat Cafe

761 Starkweather Ave, Cleveland (Tremont)

AffoGATO cat cafe
The cafe at affoGATO

Note: affoGATO is closed to in-person dining, but has a new take-out window (and is still open for appointments to meet adoptable kitties!).

Okay, okay, so affoGATO isn’t necessarily known for its coffee – it’s known as being the first cat cafe in Cleveland. But while people are much more likely to come in to play with the cafe’s adoptable kitties, affoGATO also serves up some great coffee.

Not only does this spot have super punny drink names (like the “Cafe Au Lay-on-your-Keyboard”), but it also serves up a unique house blend by Rising Star called the “Get Off The Counter Blend.”

Come for the cats, stay for the coffee.

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Coffee shops in Gordon Square

1. Gypsy Beans

6425 Detroit Ave., Cleveland (Gordon Square)

Gypsy Beans coffee

Located across the street from Brewnuts and less than a block away from the Capitol Theatre, Gypsy Beans is the go-to local coffee shop in the Gordon Square Arts District.

The cafe itself is artsy and a nice place to work (there’s plenty of seating), and they offer a nice selection of coffee drinks and pastries. I especially love their “Passport Lattes,” which are named after cities around the world. (My favorite so far is the Provence, in case you were curious.)

Cleveland East side coffee shops

1. Six Shooter Coffee

16021 Waterloo Rd, Cleveland (Collinwood)

Six Shooter Coffee
Outside Six Shooter

Note: Six Shooter is currently closed for in-person dining, but is still doing take-away coffee and biscuits (and has online ordering with curbside pickup available, too!).

If you’ve noticed some enticing smells coming from the Waterloo area lately, you’ve got Six Shooter Coffee to thank. They aim to further the coffee culture in Ohio through their locally micro-roasted beans.

Six Shooter sources high-quality beans from all over the world and roasts them in small batches. Their small and spunky shop aims to support local artists as well as the local community.

Along with great coffee, you can also find Bearded Buch (Kombucha) on tap, bagels from Cleveland Bagel Co., vegan treats from Poison Berry Bakery, and more.

– Words submitted by Jen Picciano. Follow her at @jenpicciano.

As of mid-2020, Six Shooter has also teamed up with Cleveland Biscuit Heads to offer up delicious breakfast sandwiches, too.

This shop is one of my (Amanda’s) very favorites in Cleveland!

Coffee shops in Lakewood

Buckle up; Lakewood is probably the most lively coffee neighborhood in the Cleveland area! There are tons of shops here we love.

1. Brewella’s Coffee, Crepes & Collectibles

16806 Madison Ave, Lakewood

Brewella's at Christmas
Brewella’s at Christmas
Inside Brewella's in Lakewood
Inside Brewella’s

Note: Brewella’s is currently closed for in-person dining, but is still doing take-away coffee and crepes.

So, if I’m being honest, I think Brewella’s is probably my favorite cafe in Cleveland. It’s located in Lakewood (which is home to several awesome coffee shops, as you’ll see), and just has such a cozy and relaxed vibe.

The cafe itself is full of character, and the menu focuses on both coffee and crepes. Their set coffee menu is pretty standard (espresso, latte, cold brew, etc.), but they always have a seasonal specialty or two to try.

Brewella's Latte
Rose latte for Valentine’s Day

Go for breakfast/brunch, and then stick around to hang out or get some work done. Their space is delightfully eclectic, and is always decorated based on the season!

2. The Root Cafe

15118 Detroit Ave, Lakewood

Inside The Root Cafe in Lakewood
Inside The Root Cafe

Note: The Root Cafe is closed for dine-in right now, but is still open for take-out, and also is operating a community food pantry.

The Root Café, located on Detroit Road in Lakewood, is a vegetarian and vegan coffee shop with a focus on community. They created their space to accommodate all kinds of people in a friendly, art-filled environment. This mindset is evident through their use of as many locally grown organic ingredients as possible and their commitment to composting food waste.

If you aren’t already impressed by The Root, know that their coffee is not to be taken lightly either. Everything from their drip coffee to their lattes is delicious and of a very high quality. They even use beans from local roasters, including Rising Star and duck-rabbit. 

Coffee from The Root Cafe
The Root Cafe

Finally, you should also check out their incredibly tasty food offerings. See if you can pass up the drool-worthy vegan pastry display at the front counter without indulging in a cinnamon roll (my favorite!). They also have a full tasty vegan and vegetarian food menu, from which I highly recommend the avocado toast and hangover cure breakfast wrap.  

– Submitted by Theresa of Fueled by Wanderlust. Follow her at @fueledbywanderlust.

3. Goodkind Coffee

15526 Madison Ave, Lakewood

Inside Goodkind Coffee in Lakewood
Inside Goodkind Coffee

If you like your coffee shops to have a rich, airy design but a relaxing atmosphere, then Goodkind Coffee might be your kind of place. Pictures of relatives don the walls, and patrons can choose to sit at communal tables – you’re invited to feel like family, too.

I like the space at Goodkind a lot (I would totally go there to work for the day), and enjoy the bar-like feel of the place. (In fact, you can sit at the bar, too, and even order cocktail-inspired drinks like their Old Fashioned, which is made with coffee instead of bourbon.)

4. Black Bird Baking Company

1391 Sloane Ave, Lakewood

Nestled on the corner of Sloane and Detroit is my favorite coffee shop to visit. Black Bird Baking Company has delicious hot (and cold) beverages, the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever tasted, and a quaint indoor seating area (plus picnic benches outside for the warmer months).

Coffee from Black Bird Baking Company

Their internet connection is strong, plus there are just enough outlets to keep a nice mixture of folks working, people chatting, and kids playing. Order the Bittersweet Mocha! (P.S. If you come after 5 PM, every bakery item is half off!)

– Submitted by Leah of By Travel and Error. Follow her at @bytravelanderror.

5. Caffeine

14701 Detroit Ave #1, Lakewood

Caffeine Lakewood
Inside Caffeine

This hip coffee shop in Lakewood does indeed serve up lots of caffeinated beverages (their vanilla lavender latte is a favorite of mine), but also has fresh croissants, crepes, smoothies, salads, and more on offer.

The inside space at Caffeine is high-ceilinged yet cozy feeling, and would make a great place to come and work if you can get here early enough to snag a couch or prime table.

Vanilla lavender latte at Caffeine
Vanilla lavender iced latte

Caffeine only opened in Lakewood in 2019, but has already earned a reputation of being a great local, independent coffee shop.

Best coffee in Old Brooklyn

1. Coffee Coffee Coffee

4193 Pearl Rd, Cleveland (Old Brooklyn)

Coffee Coffee Coffee in Old Brooklyn
Mmm, 24 Hour Cold Brew

Note: CCC is currently closed to in-person dining, but is still operating a walk-up take-out window for both food and drinks.

This trendy, plant-filled coffee-slash-bike-shop in Old Brooklyn serves up exactly what its name states: coffee, coffee, coffee. And it’s not just your grandma’s filter coffee, either. Coffee Coffee Coffee is known for its inventive blended coffee drinks, mixing unique flavors in everything from lattes to coffee-based sodas during the summer months.

CCC’s 24 Hour Cold Brew is a warm-weather favorite of mine, and I love the overall vibe of this spot. On Saturdays in summer, the Old Brooklyn Farmers Market takes place directly across the street.

2. Metropolitan Coffee

4744 Broadview Rd., Cleveland (Old Brooklyn)

Outside of Metropolitan Coffee in Cleveland

A former run-down convenience store has been completely overhauled into a gorgeous and modern (and nut-free!) coffee shop, with plenty of sunny nooks and crannies to curl up in.

Metropolitan Coffee, which opened in Old Brooklyn in 2018, features a full menu of entirely nut-free foods made in-house from completely nut-free suppliers. Their goal is to provide families with a safe place to eat if nut allergies are a concern. 

On top of a good cup of coffee (they serve Rising Star Coffee), pastries, and additional daily specials like soup, chili, quiche, cheesy grits, they are also selling local artwork, t-shirts, and more Cleveland-themed goods.

Inside Metropolitan Coffee in Cleveland
Inside Metropolitan Coffee

Owner and Old Brooklyn resident Deirdre Faranda also partners with other local businesses and groups to provide a space for events such as pop-up yoga sessions, artist showcases, and community forums.

There is plenty of parking in Metropolitan Coffee’s small connected lot, great seating for meeting up for a cup of coffee or the work-remote folks, outdoor picnic tables during the warmer months, and street views to watch the world pass by.

– Submitted by Katrina of Bite Buff. Follow her at @bitebuff.

Other great Cleveland suburb coffee shops

1. 5 Points Coffee & Tea

3600 W Park Rd, Cleveland (Westpark)

5 Points Coffee
Irishtown Bend latte

Note: 5 Points is closed for indoor dining; they have a take-out window set up instead.

Located between Westpark and Kamms Corner in an area known as 5 Points, 5 Points Coffee & Tea serves up coffee and food with an Irish flair. With things like shepherd’s pie and Irish soda bread on the menu, you can get a taste of Ireland here.

My go-to drink here is their Irishtown Bend latte, which uses an Irish cream syrup that makes your coffee tastes like Bailey’s – just without the alcohol.

They also have a really nice patio area outside for use in warmer weather.

2. Scoot! Cold Brew

2085 W 114th St, Cleveland (Cudell)

Scoot Cold Brew
Growler of cold brew

This is a unique spot on this list, because Scoot! Cold Brew specializes in cold brew coffee! But don’t assume you know cold brew before you visit – they will probably blow you away with all the different options they have (like nitro cold brew on-tap, and even hot lattes made with their cold brew concentrate!).

Scoot is a woman-owned business started by two Seattle transplants, and is an exciting addition to the Cleveland coffee scene.

Scoot doesn’t currently offer indoor dining, but in the summer their outdoor (and dog-friendly!) patio will be open.

My favorite feature they offer is that you can buy their cold brew in refillable growlers just like beer, which is so fun and I’m currently obsessed.

3. Babe’s Cafe and Bakery

6523 Brecksville Rd., Independence

Inside Babe's Cafe and Bakery

Babe’s Cafe and Bakery in Independence is named after the sweet and spunky owner. The cafe and bakery is located in a nondescript shopping center, but once you are inside, you can tell right away that this is a great local spot!

The decor is modern and cozy, the coffee is great, and the baked goods are homemade and baked daily. They even serve their iced coffee with homemade coffee ice cubes!

You can get a full breakfast and lunch here too. Take home a bag of flavored popcorn for an extra treat.

Babe's Cafe and Bakery cookies

The only complaint I have is that they aren’t open enough! They close at 2:30 p.m. during the week, are only open until 11 a.m. on Saturday and are closed on Sunday.

– Submitted by Crystal of Eat Drink Cleveland. Follow her at @eatdrinkcleveland.

Other coffee shops that are a liiiittle further away but still worth your time include:

  • Heritage Coffee in Solon – This shop is brand new as of December 2020, but is a welcome addition to the Solon area.
  • Heartwood Coffee Roasters – With locations in Chagrin Falls and Hudson, Heartwood serves up its own coffee roasts alongside delicious breakfast offerings.
  • Erie Island Coffee Co. – This northeast Ohio chain used to have a location on E. 4th St downtown; now their closest location is in Rocky River.

Coming soon

I know, I know, not every great coffee shop is included here! Stay tuned, because this list is frequently updated.

Find it!

Here’s a handy map I’ve made to help you find all these great coffee spots:

TELL ME: What’s your favorite spot for coffee in Cleveland?

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