About Amanda

My name is Amanda, and I’m Ohio girl through-and-through.

Edgewater Park Cleveland script sign
Me at Edgewater Park

I was born in northeast Ohio, went to school in northwest Ohio, and have lived in the northern part of the state my entire life. Something about the mix of cool cities and proximity to nature has made it very hard for me to leave for long.

I have degrees in both journalism and tourism management, and began writing about travel in 2010. My first travel blog, A Dangerous Business, became my full-time job in 2015.

But unlike a lot of other travel bloggers out there, I’ve never been nomadic; the digital nomad lifestyle never worked for me. Ohio has always called me home.

Cleveland Arcade at Christmas
Me at The Arcade at Christmas

I’ve traveled to more than 60 countries on 6 different continents, always from my homebase in Ohio. And as I’ve traveled the world and seen different countries and experienced different cultures, it’s given me a new appreciation for home.

And now I’ve decided it’s time to share just how cool Cleveland and northeast Ohio is with the rest of the world. (Because yes, it’s cool.)

Amanda in "I Liked Cleveland Before It Was Cool" shirt
I DID like Cleveland before it was cool!

About Cleveland Traveler

Cleveland Traveler focuses on my personal experiences in and around the city of Cleveland.

Don’t expect witty concert reviews, op-eds on local politics, or posts about living in Cleveland here. My goal with this blog is to focus on Cleveland as a destination, covering the sorts of things you might do here as a visitor or curious local.

Things you CAN expect to find include weekend itinerary ideas, tour reviews, restaurant round-ups, and profiles on the coolest neighborhoods and attractions that Cleveland has to offer. (And street art. Expect lots of photos of street art, because I’m a little bit obsessed!)

For those planning trips to Cleveland, hopefully this blog will give you some inspiration about things to see and do here. And for those of you who live in Cleveland, hopefully it will help you see just how cool this city has become!

As seen on…

You may have seen us around Cleveland!

The other people behind the site

Cleveland Traveler is my baby, but I’m not always a team of one! Another current Cleveland resident and good friend of mine, Kat, also contributes posts from time to time. You’ll see her author bio on all posts written by her.

Kat a Luvin Lavender Farms
Kat at Luvin Lavender Farms

My husband, Elliot, may also pop up from time to time, and is the one responsible for all the drone photos/video you may come across. He’s got his FAA Part 107 license, as well as clearance to fly downtown – if you’re in need of any drone work, you can check us out at Round Door Media.

Get in touch

You can contact me here, or by emailing me at theclevelandtraveler[at]gmail[dot]com

(Please note though that we do not not publish guest/sponsored posts, and do not accept link placements.)