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20+ Heated Patios and Igloos in Cleveland to Enjoy this Winter and Spring

The end of summer usually means the end of patio season in Cleveland. But 2020 wasn’t a normal year, and 2021 isn’t either.

In order to roll with the punches and try to keep the doors open, many local restaurants and bars installed igloos and kept patios open long beyond the regular “patio season” – and Clevelanders have been taking advantage!

So while we already have an extensive list of our favorite patios in Cleveland, we also decided to round up some outdoor spots that you can visit in the fall, winter, and early spring months, too. These are local spots that have added space heaters, fire pits, heated igloos, and more to their already great patios.

All Saints Public House patio
All Saints Public House

If you’re looking for our summer patio list, find it here. But if you’re looking for the best heated patios in Cleveland, keep reading! (And scroll to the bottom of the post to see all these spots plotted on a map!)

PLEASE NOTE: We’ll try to keep this list as updated as possible in regards to who has patio options, who’s closed temporarily, etc., but we always recommend visiting each restaurant’s website or calling ahead to double check on all the details, as they are changing frequently! Last updated: February 28, 2021.

The best heated patios and igloos in Cleveland

This list includes Cleveland patios heated with space heaters and fire pits, as well as local spots that have installed heated igloos, greenhouses, and other small structures that you can reserve throughout the fall and winter.

Heated igloos / greenhouses to rent in Cleveland

When social distancing and avoiding large groups of people is the name of the game, several local restaurants are getting creative with their outdoor dining options as the temperatures start to drop.

Many have installed transparent geodesic domes (i.e. “igloos”) with tables, couches, or other furniture inside that you can rent for a couple hours for a meal or drinks.

These are a great way for your group to be isolated from other diners – and it’s also just a super atmospheric way to enjoy a meal! All of these igloos are sanitized/ventilated in between parties.

Local spots offering igloos in Cleveland include:

1. Georgetown Restaurant / Vosh

18515 Detroit Rd, Lakewood | For: Meals, drinks, or special occasions

Georgetown heated igloos

The cozy igloos at the Georgetown in Lakewood are not new – but they certainly are bound to be popular this year!

The Georgetown has 5 heated igloos that can each seat up to 8 people on their large outdoor patio. The igloos are furnished in a cozy contemporary way that differs slightly depending on upcoming holidays, and I probably don’t have to tell you that they are a very hot commodity this year!

Igloos are reservable in 2-hour time slots, and you definitely need to book in advance – way in advance. The good news is that these igloos will be up until May 1, 2021, so if you can’t snag one around the holidays, there’s still time.

Georgetown winter igloo
A look inside an igloo

Booking info: Book online here; seating times are 5-7 p.m. and 7:30-9:30 p.m. Monday-Wednesday, and 5:30-7:30 p.m. and 8-10 p.m. Thursday-Saturday. There’s a $35 rental fee per booking, and a minimum spend depending on which night you book.

Pro tip: Follow the Georgetown on social media (especially Instagram Stories) to learn about any last-minute cancelations.

2. Betts Restaurant

2000 E 9th St, Cleveland (inside the Kimpton Schofield hotel downtown) | For: Meals (including weekend brunch)

Betts is jumping in on the private outdoor dining by offering individual “greenhouses” for guests to eat in. These little transparent houses line Betts’ patio on E 9th Street, and come complete with tables, lighting, and heaters.

Betts currently has 9 of these greenhouses in different sizes. Advanced reservations are definitely necessary, and each greenhouse can be rented for up to two hours.

Booking info: There’s no rental fee, but there is a minimum spend for the larger greenhouses on Friday and Saturday nights, and during weekend brunch. To reserve, call Betts at 216-357-2680.

3. The South Side

2207 W 11th St, Cleveland | For: Meals, including brunch

The South Side in Tremont has one of our favorite patios in normal times, and now they’re adding “snow globes” to keep the patio vibes going all winter long!

Each Snow Globe can hold 6-8 people, and you can order off the regular South Side menu, or from a special group package menu. They have different igloo configurations, including a lounge Snow Globe with couches and a TV that you can rent out for game days or even a movie night.

The rest of the South Side’s patio will also remain open as much as possible this winter, and they’ve added heat towers and a fire pit.

Booking info: There are no rental fees or minimums Monday-Wednesday. Thursday-Sunday, there’s a 5-person minimum per igloo and a $50 rental fee. You can learn more about booking an igloo on their website, or by calling 216-937-2288.

4. Felice Urban Cafe

12502 Larchmere Blvd, Cleveland

Along with making its three levels of indoor space as safe for patrons as possible, Felice Urban Cafe has also found a way to extend the season on its much-loved patio. They’ve installed four “Garden Grottos,” which are similar to the domes you’ll find in other spots around Cleveland.

These grottos are heated and ventilated, and can each seat up to 6 guests.

Booking info: Grottos can be booked for 2-hour increments. A $50 deposit can be applied to your bill, and there’s a $250 minimum spend. To reserve, call 216-791-0918.

5. Merwin’s Wharf

1785 Merwin Ave, Cleveland (Irishtown Bend)

Merwin’s Wharf will be coming back to life this winter season, with patio seating and igloos that can be reserved. The igloos were erected as part of the Cleveland Metroparks’ Winter RiverFest, which also featured festive light displays, a beer garden and firepits, and even a synthetic ice skating rink.

The full-service igloos at Merwin’s Wharf are fully furnished and heated, overlooking the Cuyahoga River. They can hold anywhere from 2-8 people, and can be reserved for two-hour time slots.

Even though RiverFest ended in January, the igloos are still up and book-able. It looks like they are available Wednesday-Sunday through March 31, 2021.

Booking info: There’s a $25 booking fee per igloo, and minimum spends may still apply depending on the day of the week. You can book here (scroll down to the “Igloo Reservation” box).

6. The Lot by Platform

4157 Lorain Ave, Cleveland | For: Drinks, game day watch parties, light bites

Platform Beer Co. opened The Lot earlier this summer, and it’s been a fun new take on the traditional beer garden, with converted shipping containers offering unique seating areas complete with televisions.

The Lot and its shipping containers would be good as-is for fall and winter patio hangs, but The Lot has added individual igloos, too. All these spaces are heated and are furnished with TVs, and will be open throughout the winter.

Booking info: Reservations aren’t required, but you can reserve shipping containers by emailing [email protected] Igloo reservations can be made by calling the taproom at 216-202-1386, or by emailing [email protected]

7. The Rustic Grill at Stonewater

1 Club Dr, Cleveland (Highland Heights) | For: Meals

The Rustic Grill has 4 heated igloos of its own this year, each of which can hold 6-8 people. The igloos are located on the restaurant’s covered back patio, and are outfitted with tables, rugs, lights, and a heater.

Booking info: Igloos can be booked for 2-hour increments. There’s no booking fee, but there is a minimum spend on Friday and Saturday nights. To book, call 440-461-4653, ext. 106.

8. Lakewood Truck Park

16900 Detroit Ave, Lakewood | For: Food trucks, drinks, game day

Lakewood Truck Park
Lakewood Truck Park (in the summer)

This new-to-the-scene food truck park in Lakewood is almost entirely patio (with one large indoor bar, too). The patio has several large fire pits, and four igloos were set up the weekend after Thanksgiving.

As of December 24, the 8-person igloos at Lakewood Truck Park are now open for bookings! Each igloo has a heater and Bluetooth speaker, and each one is sanitized between reservations.

Booking info: Text or call Rachel at 216-385-4064 to book an igloo. They can be booked for 2-hour blocks. There’s no rental fee, but bar tab minimums apply.

9. Rocky River Wine Bar

1313 Linda St, Rocky River | For: Wine, share plates

With an extensive and award-winning wine list, Rocky River Wine Bar is usually a great place to visit in the summer, thanks to its amazing patio. This year, they’ve also added “winter chalets” and even old ski gondolas as unique private dining options.

The chalets can fit 5-8 people, and are equipped with a dining table, heater, chandelier, and speaker. The gondolas are smaller, seating 2-4 people on bench seating around a table. The gondolas also have heaters and lights, along with windows for ventilation.

Booking info: There are no rental fees for either the chalets or gondolas, but there are minimum spends Wednesday-Saturday. Booking can be done online – just look for time slots marked “chalet/gondola.”

10. Market

1137 Linda St, Rocky River | For: Craft beer and pub meals

Market is known for its craft beer, wings, and other pub grub, and now has outdoor igloos and gondolas in which to enjoy all of them. The igloos each seat 4-6 people and are infinitely cozy inside, while the gondolas seat 2-4.

You can book one of the igloos for up to 2 hours, and the full bar/food menu is available.

Booking info: Call 440-799-4292‬ to ask about availability and book.

11. Hooley House

Multiple locations in Brooklyn, Copley, Mentor, and Westlake | For: Meals and drinks

The Hooley House chain of sports bars will be extending their outdoor seasons by added heated, lighted igloos to all of their patios starting November 2.

These “Hool-Igloos” can be reserved for up to 3 hours at a time, and can each seat up to 8 guests. Reserve one with your group to enjoy Hooley House’s lineup of new fall cocktails.

Booking info: Reservations are required by phone. There’s a $50 deposit, which can be applied to your bill on your reserved day.

12. Van Aken District

3401 Tuttle Rd, Shaker Heights | For: Coffee and take-away meals

The Van Aken District is a multi-use shopping and entertainment district in Shaker Heights. The highlight here (in our opinion, at least) is the Van Aken Market Hall, where you can do some shopping and grab food and drink ranging from coffee to sushi to poutine to craft beer.

The Van Aken District has had an expanded “DORA,” or “Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area” since the spring, and this winter the DORA includes a few igloos outside the Market Hall.

The igloos are first-come, first-served and so cannot be reserved. They have Van Aken’s standard chairs and tables inside.

Cleveland patios with heaters

The following Cleveland patios have space heaters (and in some cases space heaters AND fire pits) dotted around in order to keep things cozy. Also noted are whether the patios have added cover to protect against rain (or, let’s be honest, snow).

Not all of these will stay open through the winter, though, so it’s always a good idea to call ahead to make sure the patio is still open!

1. Market Garden Brewpub

1947 W 25th St, Cleveland (Ohio City) | For: Beer, food, watching a game

NOTE: Market Garden’s restaurant and patio are closed temporarily; they are set to reopen March 10, 2021.

Market Garden has always referred to its beer garden as being “four-season,” with its ginormous outdoor fireplace and long, fixed high-top tables with long space heaters hanging above them. There are also new plexiglass dividers on the long tables to keep dining parties extra separated.

The beer garden is not covered, though, so this isn’t an ideal spot if it’s raining or snowing.

2. Luxe Kitchen & Lounge

6605 Detroit Ave, Cleveland (Gordon Square) | For: Meals (Mediterranean)

Luxe has transformed its already lovely patio into the perfect cozy spot for fall. Along with spacing out their patio tables, they have also added standing heaters, fire pits, wool blankets, and a tent canopy to cover everything.

When asked how long they’ll keep their patio open this season, they said “as long as we can,” meaning you probably want to call ahead (216-920-0600) to see if the patio is available.

3. All Saints Public House

1261 W 76th St, Cleveland (Battery Park) | For: Craft cocktails and full meals

All Saints Public House patio

Newly opened earlier in 2020, All Saints has become a local favorite for those looking for a cool bar space with a beautiful patio. This fall, All Saints has invested in a bunch of standing heaters for its socially-distanced patio.

While there are some umbrellas up now to cover the patio tables, the only permanently covered area is the outdoor bar, which has its own hanging heaters to keep things warm. All Saints says it plans to keep the patio open through the winter, every day that the weather permits.

As long as the weather stays decent, you don’t even have to go indoors to get seated on the patio; head over to the outdoor hostess stand near the patio entrance to get seated outside.

Their winter cocktail menu is great – I can vouch for the “Cozy Cashmere” as a delicious option.

All Saints Public House cocktails
Cozy Cashmere is on the right (it’s a gin-based drink with pear puree and rosemary syrup)

4. The Fairmount

2448 Fairmount Blvd, Cleveland | For: Cocktails, small plates

One of Cleveland’s favorite cocktail bars has been offering up a special patio menu throughout the summer and fall. The large patio offers lots of space, an outdoor bar, and 8 standing space heaters to lend a little extra warmth.

This patio offers no cover other than umbrellas, though, but will be available for dining as long as people want to use it.

5. Jukebox

1404 W 29th St, Cleveland (Hingetown) | For: Drinks, pierogi, game day

NOTE: The Jukebox patio is closed as of November 19, 2020.

Jukebox Patio
Jukebox patio photo provided by Jukebox

This neighborhood tavern has been being extra cautious during the pandemic, only offering seating on its patio. Jukebox has added a tent and standing heaters to its outdoor space to help keep out the chill, and now offers 800 square feet of covered patio space.

Jukebox has some cozy fall cocktails to enjoy, too, and has been doing outdoor watch parties for Browns games, with 3 TVs on the patio for viewing.

You can call 216-206-7699 or email [email protected] to reserve a table (reservations are not required, but are recommended). Note that they are taking temperatures at the door. They say they’re planning to keep the patio open (weather permitting) through at least the end of the year.

6. Humble Wine Bar

15400 Detroit Ave, Lakewood | For: Wine and pizza

This Lakewood spot serving up global wine and Neapolitan-style pizza is a local favorite. This fall, Humble has added heat lamps to the covered portion of its patio, and says that the patio is BYOB – Bring Your Own Blanket.

Patio seating is first-come, first served.

Other spots near Cleveland with heated patios

Not opposed to driving a little further for a private igloo or cozy patio? Here are some other heated patios to check out not far from Cleveland.

  • Blue Heron Brewery (Igloos) – Medina, OH – Blue Heron currently has 5 igloos up for rent, with an additional 5 on the way. Rental rates and minimum spends vary; find more info and book here.
  • Gervasi Vineyard (Heated Patio) – Canton, OH – The Piazza at Gervasi (the vineyard’s large outdoor patio) usually closes as cool weather starts to roll in. But this year, Gervasi invested in radiant gas heaters for all its patios areas, extending the season.

Map of Cleveland patios with heat

I’ve tried to make this list as inclusive as possible, but if I’ve missed any heated patios or igloo options, please let me know so I can get info and add them!

It seems like we could be in for a long winter here in Cleveland, but hopefully these heated patio options will make it possible for you to still get out and support local businesses.

Will you be visiting any heated patios in Cleveland this fall/winter?

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