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The Best Farms Near Cleveland for Corn Mazes, Pumpkin Patches, and More Fall Fun

Each year, fall brings with it cooler temperatures, brilliant fall colors, and lots of opportunities to get outside with the whole family. And one of the best ways to do this in a way that feels festive is to visit a local farm to pick apples, solve corn mazes, carve pumpkins, drink cider, and more.

If you’re looking for a hands-on, family-friendly fall outing, here are our picks for where to go.

Best farms near Cleveland for fall fun

We’ll break down which spots are best for certain activities below, but for now here are some of the best farms within a short drive from Cleveland that offer multiple fall harvest activities and events.

Mapleside Farms
Mapleside Farms

If you’re looking for a fall outing that can last all day, these are the spots to know about:

1. Lake Metroparks Farmpark

  • Where: 8800 Euclid Chardon Rd. (Rt. 6), Kirtland, OH
  • When: The Farmpark is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9 AM until 5 PM. The corn maze is open from September 1-October 15, 2023. Special fall events happen during select weekends in October.
  • What to go for: The Farmpark at Lake Metroparks is a working farm and education center that runs several fall events alongside the farm animals and farm machinery you can always see there. Special themed weekends include Apple Harvest Weekend and Corn & Pumpkin Weekend. There’s also a corn maze to enjoy, plus the always-popular Halloween Drive-Thru event.
  • How much: Farmpark admission is $7-$9, though some events (like the Halloween Drive-Thru) require advanced ticket purchases.
  • Distance from Cleveland: 30 minutes

2. Mapleside Farms

Corn maze at Mapleside Farms
Mapleside Farms corn maze
  • Where: 294 Pearl Rd, Brunswick, OH
  • When: Weekends from September 15-October 29, 2023
  • What to go for: Mapleside Farms is a fall playground for both kids and adults alike. For adults, there’s a wine- and beer-tasting corn maze, and for kids Pumpkin Village has everything from corn mazes to hayrides to a super slide.
  • How much: Pumpkin Village admission is $13-$17; Vino the Way (the wine-tasting corn maze) is $35 per person (plus a $3 service fee), but also includes access to Pumpkin Village.
  • Distance from Cleveland: 35 minutes

3. Hillcrest Orchards

  • Where: 50336 Telegraph Rd, Amherst, OH
  • When: Their fall activities run on weekends in September and October. The farm market is open daily from 10 AM until 6 PM.
  • What to go for: Hillcrest Orchards is most well-known in northeast Ohio for its fall harvest activities like its corn maze, hayrides, u-pick apples and pumpkins, farm market, sunflower festival, and more.
  • How much: Admission costs $12 per person (or $10 if you buy your tickets online)
  • Distance from Cleveland: 45 minutes

4. Ramseyer Farms

  • Where: 4000 Ramseyer Ln, Wooster, OH
  • When: Wednesday-Sunday from September 1-October 29, 2023
  • What to go for: Ramseyer Farms is a family-friendly fall destination with more than 50 different activities to enjoy at the farm, including a corn maze, u-pick pumpkins, farm animals, a sunflower field, tons of play areas for kids, and more.
  • How much: Tickets cost $13.95 Tuesday-Thursday, or $19.95 Friday-Sunday
  • Distance from Cleveland: 1 hour
Blooming sunflowers

5. Kuchta Farms

  • Where: 4480 OH-82, Newton Falls, OH
  • When: Kuchta Farms is open daily from September 9-October 31, 2023 for fall activities. They are open Monday through Thursday from 3:30 PM until 7 PM, and open later on weekends.
  • What to go for: Kuchta Farms is famous for its epic fall corn maze, but they have additional fall activities including hay rides, pumpkin picking, a sunflower patch, and more.
  • How much: $12 for All Access Admission
  • Distance from Cleveland: 1 hour

6. White House Fruit Farm

  • Where: 9249 Youngstown-Salem Rd, Canfield, OH
  • When: Fall Harvest Weekends run Saturday and Sunday from September 9-October 23, 2023.
  • What to go for:  White House Fruit Farm is a local favorite farm market with lots of family-friendly activities throughout the fall, including wagon rides, a pumpkin barn, corn maze, a petting zoo, and more. Be sure to stop at the market, too, for fresh apple cider and a blueberry donut (or four).
  • How much: There’s no cost to visit the market, but some activities have an entry fee ranging from $3-$10.
  • Distance from Cleveland: 1 hour 20 minutes

Where to go apple picking near Cleveland

Apple picking at Quarry Hill Orchards

For me, apple picking is the epitome of early fall, and there are several farms within easy driving distance from Cleveland where you can pick your own apples. Prime apple-picking season is usually September-October, with different varieties of apples ripening at different times.

Amanda at Quarry Hill Orchards
Apple picking at Quarry Hill
Amanda with an apple cider slushie outdoors
Cider slushie and donut at Brandt’s

Popular places to pick your own apples near Cleveland include: 

  1. Patterson Fruit Farm in Chesterland – They offer u-pick of several varieties of apples throughout the season (this year, the best picking will be in September), and also offer wagon rides around their orchard.
  2. Hillcrest Orchards in Amherst – I mentioned this spot above for their wide variety of fall activities. One is apple picking, which usually runs on weekends through October. Check their website for info on varieties. Pricing is $15 for a 10-pound bag, or $25 for a 20-pound bag.
  3. Miller’s Apple Hill in Amherst – Apple picking is available Tuesday-Saturday starting on September 16, 2023 and stretching through October as different varieties ripen. They also have other fall activities on weekends.
  4. Quarry Hill Orchards in Berlin Heights – Quarry Hill has an extensive orchard and beautiful market barn. They have many apple varieties you can pick yourself usually through the end of October.
  5. Arrowhead Orchard in Paris – Open for u-pick apples Friday-Monday from September 8-October 30, 2023. Apples range from $16.50-$32 per bag.
  6. Brandt’s Apple Orchard in Ashtabula – They offer apple picking Tuesday-Saturday through the end of October, and are also known for their apple cider slushies and apple cider donuts.

Best pumpkin patches near Cleveland

Pumpkins at Szalay's
Pumpkins at Szalay’s

Pumpkin patches abound across northeast Ohio, and pumpkin picking usually coincides with fall festivals and Halloween festivities. Most pumpkin patches open towards the end of September, and stay open through October.

Local farms within near Cleveland that have u-pick pumpkin patches include: 

  1. Pickering Hill Farms in Avon – Visit on weekends to take a free wagon ride out to their 2-acre pumpkin patch. They also have a 1-acre corn maze you can try for $1. This is one of the more affordable places to go!
  2. Regal Vineyards in Madison – Pumpkins here cost either $6 or $9 depending on size, and there’s an area right at the winery where you can paint your pumpkin.
  3. Hillcrest Orchards in Amherst – Pumpkin picking runs September 18 through the end of October. There are pumpkins of all shapes and sizes to pick, and they cost 60 cents per pound.
  4. Brasee’s Pumpkin Patch in Wellington – This family-run farm has acres of pumpkins. It’s open Friday-Sunday from September 16-October 29, 2023.
  5. Red Wagon Farm in Columbia Station – They sell a wide variety of pumpkins here for just 40 cents a pound, and have a fun “All You Can Carry” challenge where you can take home as many pumpkins as you can carry in your arms for $10. Running Saturdays and Sundays, September 30-October 29, 2023.
  6. Ramseyer Farms in Wooster – If you’re in it just for the pumpkins, Ramseyer Farms is one of the best places to go. Farm admission is NOT required to pick pumpkins; pumpkins cost 49 cents per pound.
  7. Kuchta Farms in Newton Falls – They price their pumpkins here by size; expect to pay $6-$10 for a carving-sized pumpkin.
  8. Kingsway Pumpkin Farm in Hartville – Ride a wagon out to a pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin. The good thing about this farm is that it’s open 7 days a week! Admission is $8 (not including the price of the pumpkin), but that includes access to other attractions, too, like a corn maze, play areas, and more.
Amanda at Szalay's
Me at Szalay’s

You can also find pumpkins for sale at just about every local farm market from mid-September through October!

Places to buy pumpkins (without the field aspect) include:

Best corn mazes near Cleveland

Corn maze at Mapleside Farms

Corn mazes are another fall staple that are abundant across Ohio. Some farms go all-out with their maze designs each year, and it’s really impressive!

Challenging yourself with a local corn maze is a great way to get outside in the fall.

Favorite farms with corn mazes that are easy to reach from Cleveland include:

  1. Lake Metroparks Farmpark in Kirtland – The Farmpark has its own 3-acre corn maze, which is open every day the Farmpark is from September 1-October 15, 2023. The corn maze is included in general admission, which is $7-$9.
  2. Mapleside Farms in Brunswick – This farm offers up a traditional corn maze, a kids’ corn maze, and also a separate maze that melds solving the maze with wine tasting called Vino The Way.
  3. Szalay’s Farm Market in Peninsula – Szalay’s is a staple in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and their 3-acre corn maze is a great family activity every fall. Their maze takes about 30 minutes to get through and costs $6. It’s open from September 16-October 31, 2023.
  4. Regal Vineyards in Madison – Use clues to make your way through an 8-acre corn maze on Saturdays and Sundays. On Friday and Saturday nights, they also do a Haunted Winery and Corn Maze.
  5. Derthick’s Corn Maze in Mantua – Tackle a massive corn maze, with a clue game to solve along the way. Open Friday-Sunday from September 16-October 30, 2023. Admission is $13.
  6. Brasee’s Corn Maze in Wellington – This family-run farm has a 7-acre corn maze to enjoy. It’s open Friday-Sunday from September 16-October 29, 2023, and admission is $6.
  7. Ramseyer Farms in Wooster – This farm is a little further away, but they have THREE different corn mazes, including an 8-acre one shaped like the state of Ohio.
  8. Kuchta Farms in Newton Falls – They have a 10-acre corn maze here that’s open every day the farm is open.
  9. Maize Valley Winery in Hartville – This 8-acre corn maze includes a fun trivia game, too. Open Saturday and Sunday in September, and then Thursday-Sunday in October. Tickets are $17, and include the corn maze, plus wagon rides, a pumpkin patch, activities for kids, and more.
  10. Maze Craze in New Springfield – If you’re up for a bit of a drive, head to this massive corn maze that’s been named one of the best in the United States. This is actually 4 separate corn mazes put together to make one giant 21-acre maze. Doing all 4 could take you up to 3 hours! The maze is open on weekends from September 15-November 5, 2023. Admission is $12, which includes all 4 mazes, plus hayrides, games, and more.
Amanda at Szalay's corn maze
Tall corn at Szalay’s
Szalay's corn maze
Find 8 different scenes at Szalay’s corn maze

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Which fall farm activity is your favorite? Will you visit any of these places this year?

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